Furnishing for garden

By using the traditional “colombino” technique and, for some specific pots, by using the original moulds of its historical Gipsoteca, Manetti has revived the ancient method of working the terracottas of Impruneta. Orci, conche, vases, basins, amphorae, statues, small columns and classical furnishing accessories derived from the history of the Italian garden, entirely hand made and with decoration, all rigorously perfected with a chisel. It is a prize collection of works which transform craft production into art pieces of limited circulation. The forms appear enhanced by the exceptional characteristics of the raw material, derived from the exclusive “galestro” vein whose resistance makes the modeller’s work a task of absolute dedication and talent. If the vases are outside they need drainage in the bottom.
  • Formats
Vaso da agrumi festonato

Ø 60x54h
Ø 65x57h
Ø 75x69h
Ø 80x70h
Ø 90x78h
Ø 100x85h

Vaso da agrumi liscio

Ø 60x54h
Ø 65x57h
Ø 75x69h
Ø 80x70h
Ø 90x78h
Ø 100x85h

Imprunetino amphora

h 70
h 90

Medievale amphora

h 70

7th century amphora

h 85
h 95

8th century amphora

h 80
h 90
h 100
h 110
h 120

Fragolaio amphora

h 80

Vaso liscio con foglie d'acanto

Ø 60x58h
Ø 70x68h
Ø 75x72h

Vaso da parete con festoni

Ø 70x63h
Ø 80x66h

Vaso ornato

Ø 62x60h
Ø 70x68h
Ø 80x72h

Vaso San Pietro


Vaso da parete liscio

Ø 70x63h
Ø 80x66h

Vaso liscio

Ø 25x24h
Ø 30x27h
Ø 40x36h
Ø 50x44h
Ø 55x53h
Ø 60x57h

Vaso squadrato con leone


Vaso da camelie

Ø 30x30h
Ø 42x42h
Ø 47x45h
Ø 52x52h
Ø 60x58h

Vaso a cilindro

Ø 25x30h
Ø 36x40h
Ø 42x48h

Tinozza liscia


Tinozza festonata


Vaso Santo Spirito


Vaso intrecciato

Ø 32x28h
Ø 40x33h

Conca classica

Ø 65x62h
Ø 80x70h

Tinozza liscia


Tinozza classica


Base di appoggio

Ø 36x24h
Ø 40x26h
Ø 44x27h
Ø 46x28h
Ø 48x29h


Ø 45x20h
Ø 70x30h
Ø 80x30h

Cassetta rettangolare festonata


Cassetta quadrata e rettangolare liscia


Cassetta ovale festonata

Ø 60x32x29h

Vaso mediceo con cappello

h 45
h 60
h 80

Fumaiolo sezione quadra


Fumaiolo sezione tonda

Ø 15
Ø 20
Ø 25
Ø 30
Ø 35
Ø 40

Pigna imprunetina

h 46

Coppa medicea con piede

h 37

Esagoni porta bottiglia

profondità 40
h 30


Ø 30
Ø 40

Lavabo con paraschizzi e copritubo

liscio e baccellato
larghezza 55
profondità 33

* Measurements are cm