Wine amphoras

The Manetti family has been known since 1968 for the production of great wines in the Chianti region on the Fontodi Estate.The long–standing experience, combined with their passion for the world of wine, has allowed them to come up with this wine making project aiming at an outstanding quality by always staying faithful to tradition. The Wine Amphoras of Manetti Gusmano & Figli are made completely by hand following the rules of an ancient technique called “Based Work”: the Amphora stands still while the artisan goes round and round attaching new clay. The whole process takes three months including a long drying and a slow firing. Moreover, what makes Amphoras even more special, is the uniqueness of the clay; the abundant presence of Galestro in the terroir of Chianti Classico, gives special features to the Amphoras. Among the natural components of which Terracotta is made, the salts and the calcium carbonates confer the right microporosity, enabling the wine to breathe correctly. All these features, combined with the antioxidant and antibacterial action and the high thermal insulation capacity make the terracotta Amphora of Manetti Gusmano & Figli, an ideal tool for the production of great natural wines.
  • Formats
400 lt

H 108 cm
Diameter 102 cm
Weight 200kg

500 lt

H 112 cm
Diameter 108 cm
Weight 260 kg

600 lt

H 118 cm
Diameter 115 cm
Weight 300 kg

* Measurements are cm